FXCOT BREAKOUT ALGO GETS ACTIVE: Shorts USDJPY at 112.58 target 112.28

For a few days, the FXCOT SCALPING ALGORITHM was extremely active. We saw an example of it when USDJPY was shorted and profit was taken in a few pips. USDJPY SCALPING LIVE Example

However yesterday the system got active with the BREAKOUT system as it shorted USDJPY 112.58 with a target at 110.93. But prices only went till 112.25. So intelligently teh system took profits at 112.28 and a variety of levelsbetween 112.45 and 112.28 in partial closures. This is one of the hallmarks of the system as it protects the profits.

USDJPY Breakout

See how it scaled in at 112.58 then closed when it saw that prices were not moving south. So it protected the profits and got out. Added returns to December profile. Disciplned stuff!!

Just a reminder that the BREAKOUT system has traded on USDJPY between 2010 and November 2018 and produced 5.5 million dollars. It all started with a mere 20k.

Extremely profitable and phenomenal trading history. All trades for USDJPY, EURUSD are available for checking and scrutiny by emailing us at teamcot@fxcot.com. We do not put the trades on site because it can lead to reverse engineering.

There is no system like this one. You can go all around and verify. Nothing comes close because it is the amalgamation of four different trading strategies combined into one.

However it needs very careful setup. It requires you to be on one of the two designated brokers who have allowed us a dedicated server for low latency which is a key requirement for this system. Given its stringent requirement for setup, we send careful setup instruction on email. To start and run a trial for a few months, simply email us teamcot@fxcot.com.
Trial has to be on a LIVE account with minimum capital for the system. It does not trade demos. We will send you sign up instructions if you want to take these trades. No fixed fee or profit share till a few months till you are comfortable and convinced. We know how good this system is and hence we are happy to allow you to run this for a long period and then once happy we can forge a partnership. We are in this for the long run as we set up our internet hedge fund management.

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