USDJPY TREND trade hits target: December returns climbing: +1.51%.

The FXCOT trading system has been active this morning as USDJPY TREND trade hit target. Added +11 pips to the dec tally.

The TREND system has been active on USDJPY. It took a long at 113.1 and closed at 113.21 right at the top of the asia session.

Before Nove 2018, the performance since january 2010 is shown below. Every single year has scored over +110%.

The trade copier has been firing on all cylinders. This trading system FXCOT is unique because for the first time, we have four winning trading strategies are operating together. The four are

  • BREAKOUT: This strategy takes breakout of levels on upside and downside from big support or resistance levels. It is active on EURUSD, USDJPY pairs. These are the big money winners for our trade copier clients. However it is only active about 20% of trading times.
  • VOLATILITY: This is a brilliant strategy. When the ATR of a pair on 15 min springs above 3x its average, this strategy takes the trade in the direction of the move. Its a volatility move and is active on EURUSD, USDJPY
  • SCALPING: This is a strategy that takes scalp trades and has 80% win rate. It is active on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD.  Operates on M1 and H1.
  • TREND: This is a strategy that is active when there is a clear trend and the system takes a trade in direction of the trend.

Combined performance of the system can be further studied here: Performance 2010-2018

Just to remind, currently the trade copier is absolutely free to all clients. They need specific setup which we will help them if they contact us

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