Perfect EURUSD breakout trade. Risk Management closes 25%

See the 5 min chart. The pair poked at 1.1440 yesterday and fell but today it approached those levels. The prices broke above the resistance and since then has climbed very quickly to 1.1465. FXCOT went long at 1.1441 and still in the trade with part cloure at 1.1456.

See how the trade was taken by FXCOT trade copier.

See how quicky it went in with a heavy trade. No one knows where prices will go in future. The system intelligently takes part profit so it is not in loss even if prices drop below its initial entry level.

A big part of being profitable is not just how well you enter a trade, but how do you manage risk. The FXCOT system is one system where the stops are moving dynamically to protect profits at all times. FXCOT is a combination of four winning strategies. In december, we have been seeing more of the scalping system at work. But FXCOT is really known for BREAKOUT and VOLATILITY system which form the backbone of the trading system. See how the system went long the EURUSD at 1.1440. It was a BREAKOUT move because 1.1440 was the level where the orderbook indicated big buy orders waiting. The system tok the buystop orders and now in super profit.

The Risk management part of the system has already kicked. It closed 25% of the trade at 1.1456 to add some good solid profits. As you know the BREAKOUT trades are heavier in size so even a 25% addition is nearly 0.6% return added. The BREAKOUT moves can keep going for long number of pips. So if the trade does move higer, the system will keep closing at higher levels.

If it drops below 1.1440, it will be closed at breakeven for the remaining 75%.

Enjoy the winnings.

To prospect clients, we suggest get connected because no one knows when the big breakout moves happen. Just as above, it could happen at the most unexpected moment. So it is always important to have a professional trading system manage your account so you can manage money while you watch the markets and do your research. The FXCOT system is absolutely free for a limited time so you can make some serious return before it goes fee based.

This is not your regular system. It needs careful server optimisation and latency optimisation of your MT4 but once set, it will be the ultimate wealth builder for your account as you have seen the historical trading performance. It turned a minor $20k account in 2010 to $15.75 million in Nov 2018.

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