EURUSD scalp long hits targets

This is the SCALPING part of the FXCOT system at work. SCALPING does not look for big targets. They are quick bucks trades and generally active when the BREAKOUT and TREND systems are silent.

FXCOT has four systems together:


When these four systems work together they create amlmost unheard profitability. It is these foru systems operating since 2010, that turned our 20,000 USD into 15.75 MILLION USD.  Effectively this is the only system that makes people millions from a few thousand dollars. Some of the most difficult trading environment in the last 8 years shows the robustness of the system. We cant promise that it will generate the same amount in the next 8 years but it is definitely one system that has been worked and seen all markets and come out with flying colors. There is no trading system on internet even on a demo which has shown this kind of profitability..

Here is the latest trade:


If you want to start trading with us and give the system a good long time to work on a few thousand bucks, contact us and we will help you set this up. No fees and no charges. Contact us






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