FXCOT trade system: Trading Setups and premium post

The FXCOT trading system has generated +7.9% return.

The full EURUSD trade which made over 5% this month is shown below. Every month, the system is hunting for such breakout opportunities and when they do come, they are taken with tight risk management and add to the monthly returns profile. Our team constantly monitors the situation but the system is fully automated and works without any intervention.

EURUSD trade was executed at 1.1482 and it came going to 1.1569 which was when the last of the partial closure trade was cleared out. Does not happen always that the system closes the trade at the very top of a trend but in this case, it was so. But even otherwise, one should notice how the stops move in line with the price action and trailing stops protects profits.
Equity Curve in 2018

The Trade copier has been phenomenaly profitable throughot last year on clients MT4.

If you would like to START A TRADE COPIER MEMBERSHIP to copy our trades to your account, please contact us . There is no upfront fees and a good long free trial available for new clients. Such is the profitability of this system, that you will continue forever beyond the trial. BOTH US AND NON-US clients are supported. The system requires low leverage and is FIFO complaint. The full account history can be requested (all 28,000 trades) by contacting us: Contact US.
As you can see, this is one of the most extraordinary systems available on internet today for retail clients. This kind of performance requires careful broker server optimisation which we do for each client to reduce latency to under 3 ms.

See the server connection speed is under 3 ms and this allows us priority execution and makes our system highly profitable. This is why this stands head and feet above others.

A few trading setups for our guests visitors and below that you will find premium setups for our intreprid members.

The Equity markets look to push higher. The SPX is building on its last 5 days of price action. The index could push for 2625 which is the 100 WMA. Above that opens door for 2680.

The USDJPY looks like the best bet to play the dollar bounce. The pair is find support at 107.5. Seems it could move in a volatile move to 110.

The Dollar Index is finding good support just before the 200 DMA at 95. The 200 level is slanting upwards and is going to cushion dollar index for a upward bounce in the least to 96.

A mirror image is EURUSD. The initial break on wednesday has not been sustained as suspected. The whole upmove is in risk of falling back under 1.15. 1.1570 is the level to watch on the upside. A big break there will make it higher to 1.1620.

This was only the trailer. Please step in below to go thru all the setups including
OIL, GOLD, DAX, SILVER and ETF select universe. Some of the best risk reward trades are suggested in our premium section reserved exclusively for our MANAGED ACCOUNT cum TRADE COPIER clients. You can becomee a Trade Copier client by registering a new MT4 account New Account Application. and connecting it to FXCOT TRADE COPIER by emailing us.
If you are already member, please login here.

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