Analysis and Trading Setups

Even as the trading system is in top form, we suggest some trading setups for our trade copier clients who want to trade on their own in addition.

The system has made over +12.25% this month. That is 12.25% in one single month and the very first month of 2019.

Here is the updated results

This is the latest trade: GBPUSD Short

Latest set of trades taken today include
1. Long USDJPY @ 108.59 HITS TARGETS 108.72
2. Short EURUSD @ 1.1451 hits targets 1.1446
3. Short EURUSD @ 1.1424 hits targets 1.1414 and 1.1423
4. Short GBPUSD @ 1.2820 HITS TARGETS.

The system continues to trade as long as the broker ensures spreads under 10 pips. If spread widens, system blocks trading.

Now for some manual setups for those who want to trade manually.

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