Client myfxbook : Aggressive FXCOT

One of our client started his account in December. He had done a lot of number crunching on our MT4 statement and decided he wants to increase the exposure on the system to 10x than what we recommend. He was trying to regain a lot of money he lost doing manual trading in 2018. Against out recommendation, he ramped up the exposure to 10x because he made a judgment call that because of the stops being employed, higher risk could be taken esp during a period of good trends. It was his call.

Here is the screenshot of his myfxbook .

Just in a short span of 20 days, he ended up making a huge amount of money which has more than double recovered all his losses of 2018. Just in 20 days of trading with fxcot. However the client took a huge risk by keeping the system running at 10x. It was his call but he has also made phenomenal money. He took the risk and he keeps the entire reward as the system is free currently.
We charge nothing.

The client has now halved his exposure to 5x but still at elevated levels. He seems to be in a mighty hurry to get to a million. He will get there with this system.

The FXCOT system is unlike any you have seen. It is the stop placement and subsequent movement that gives this system the edge. Along with the low latency execution, the returns are unbelievable.

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