EURUSD breaks down below 1.1400… SCALPING trade taken

EURUSD broke below 1.14 once again on a friday late. EURO has become very weak into 2019. We suspect a major downmove is shaping up.

EURUSD breaks 1.14 sharply lower. The pair could be heading lower but is hanging on for now. If next week, we see EURUSD again breaking higher, we could be setting to go higher. But if we stay and break 1.1350 we could flow much lower. Things are becoming sticky for the pair. USDCHF move above 9950 is also bullish dollar move.

However we do not need to worry which way it is going. Our system will be shorting and longing as and when the pair breaks certain levels. See the below trade is a quick scalp. The system makes up hundred such scalps to add returns. When the big breakout happens, the system gets into BREAKOUT mode of trading where trades are allowed to run for hundred of pips.

FXCOT system took a short at 1.1371 and closed at 1.1369. Its a scalper move. THe system has marked down levels waiting for BREAKOUT trade. When a BREAKOUT trade is taken, they can run for hundred of pips. But until the system keeps on scalping.

The performance for 2019 has risen dramatically this week. Overall returns for January now stand at +13.33% rising over +3.5% this week.

Those who desire to start the trial, can register a new MT4 account and contact us for further help in setting up the MT4 to get our trades.

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