GOLD is starting to weaken.

GOLD daily charts show the extent of expected move down. But when there is a general expectation, markets can wait a long time. It is perched near 1285 and a move to 1260 support is expected.

The 4H chart show lingering support from 100 ma at 1285.

First there was a GOLD SHORT AT 1295 which hit targets 1288. We covered that here. Gold hits targets

But soon after that, prices moved down and BREAKOUT system took a short at 1287 and that kept moving down and closed at 1285.

Great day of trading.

Trade Copier performance

January return at an incredible +13.01%. Those who have been in 2018 would have doubled their money and more.

As and when the market moves in unipolar direction, there is no system that makes money as quickly as the FXCOT BREAKOUT system. But when BREAKOUT are not available, the system scalps small winners at 84% win rate. These are obviously exposed to slippages etc but generally the system makes a lot of money in scalping and then it doubles and trebles when the market moves into a 200 pips run etc.

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