Latest trade: USDJPY and GOLD

The System has taken two trades, USDJPY and GOLD. This is after yesterday LONG EURUSD closed at 1.1511. Since then EURUSD has poured down below 1.1460.

Read about the EURUSD BREAKOUT Trade taken

USDJPY trade

The 4 hour chart shows a strong push down to 108.5. The system has taken a single trade at 108.74. That is an excellent entry point. As you know the BREAKOUT system trades with a 35 pips stop loss with 150 pips profit target.

GOLD Trade

Gold has just broken below the 9ma at 1322.5. The System has taken a trade at 1322.75. Watch the space as it nears targets.

Earlier today we published our post FED report. The Trade copier has done brilliantly all thru January 2019. In 2018, the system made over +130%. It has started January of 2019 with a bang. Sitting on a profit of +16.5%. If the above trades close in profit, it will add to Feb returns. We expect 2019 to be a tremendous year for our system similar to 2016 year when the system made +300% return.

If you want to start, please open a brand new FIX or ECN MT4 account here: New Application Account

If you plan to trade with larger capital, we suggest FIX (institutional channel) by opening an account here: New Application for larger

In case you need any clarification about which account to open or how to start copying our trades, please contact us

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