GOLD BREAKOUT TRADE: FEB returns starts to look good

Yesterday as NY was closing, GOLD prices broke a very important support at 1308.6.The BREAKOUT system got active and took a trade with a stop at 1314. The move is still ongoing but two sets of partial closures are over. More left to be closed if prices move further down. Else remaining will close well into profit.

The entry price as indicated on your H1 GOLD chart is 1308.52. Clients can compare execution. This execution is by our broker IC Markets.

See the trade taken on the MT4 system below.

One stopout and rest closed in positive. All trades are with stops. The stops move to trailing stops as soon as prices move ito 1.1 pips into profit. Everything is automated. The system has been running for 9 years continuously on FIX-API. Currently running on MT4 for retail clients and FIX-API for banks.

The system is particularly suited for large capital accounts because of high win rate. It has maintained 85% win rate across all systems of BREAKOUT and SCALPING and VOLATILITY and TREND.

January returns were +16%. Absolutely brilliant execution in a difficult month. But this month will be very good because dollar has broken out and when trends move into gear, this system is unbeatable. It has made 15 million dollars in the last 9 years.

Am sure clients will never have seen a system which is so focussed on risk management and then when trends appear on the horizon, the system manages its entries with precise execution and partial closures.

Any client can take advantage of our system. We have kept it absolutely free to trial as long as you wish. We do not charge a penny from you đŸ™‚ . We want you to make money of this system. Not too many wealth creating systems in the world. Most creators will ask usd 500 upfront while others simply have no history or real trading. The FXCOT is not only a well proven system but also been kept free purposefully so clients can enjoy a trial to see it work.

If you wish to start, please start a account here: New True ECN MT4 account

If you wish to trade of FIX-API, contact us and we will get you registered on a FIX-API broker. Mind you the capital requirements are higher for FIX accounts. The advantage on FIX is zero slippage and possibility of IOC and FOK orders.

Any queries: please reach out to us


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