Dollar surges as predicted: Trade Copier returns for February +6.09%

Some updates on the trade we suggested last week.

USDJPY was suggested long when it broke above 109.5 in our posts. Our system took long at 110.08.

Dxy : Comfortable above 96.8

We suggested that dollar will surge to 98 by feb end. We said this in January 1st week. Now it is 97.1 The move is very strong. Mild consolidation can be expected but it can continue even higher.

We had predicted clearly on Sunday post that this week will begin the surge in dollar. Promptly on monday, we saw EURUSD kiss good bye to 1.1330 levels and further down. This is a low volatility high trend move and will continue with frequent opportunities to short EURUSD. Excellent times to be trading on systems like FXCOT. The performance is visible as February is building on January stellar returns of +16%. Now Feb is already at 6.09% without breaking much sweat nor taking any risks.

We attach some trades taken over the last few days in Feb to result in the above results.

First was the BREAKOUT trade in USDJPY at 110.08. That clearly was a big break and we had indicated about it in our post


See the dash blue lines above? They show the buy trade taken at 110.08 and then clsed at regular intervals as prices moved higher. However there was a earlier trade at 110.04 which got stopped out at 109.65 at stop. That as a false breakout. But the next prices came to 110.08, it was a true breakout and we got a good solid 3% gain on that trade.

The above trade is a GBPUSD scalp trade taken at 1.2856 and closed at 1.2853.

There were many other such trades taken at different levels in EURUSD which has all contributed the gains in February.

All in all, the system is doing well with tight risk management and things looking bright into February. As you know the system is run absolutely free for clients who have either a FIX-API account OR a MT4 account at our broker. We do the setup and get you going once you contact us.

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