EURUSD trade at 1.1260

The only thing certain about forex markets is that no one knows where price is headed. Everyone who says he knows something is bluffing. Markets are as uncertain as they have ever been. Given prices could go either way, the best thing to do is let a powerful trading system based on breakout and volatility, trade for you. That is what fxcot does. No guesswork.

Here is another EURUSD trade taken at 1.1260 and closed as prices moved into profit. No guesswork. As soon as prices came back to 1.1260, the system automatically closed it. That is the beauty of fxcot. No guesswork. If it proceeds down, it will make money else close it at breakeven and wait.

It almost looked to naked eye that EURUSD had broken the 1.1260 handle but prices came back sharply. So the system closed it after taking partial closure profits at 1.1249.

The list of trades taken today and the overall feb performance is shown. The february returns are climbing sharply.

Performance Summary

The performance summary which is updated above show the Feb returns taken from myfxbook. Currently the min a client has made in Feb is +7.3%. At the beginning of this year, we had mentioned that 2019 will be a record year for our trading. Last time we had a record year was in 2016 when the FIX-API account we traded then had amassed +300% return 🙂

Performance since 2010-2017

This year we are off the blocks in a flash with January already showing +16% and Feb up 7.33%. The best is yet to come. Just wait till some powerful eurud and gbpusd trends catch hold....get connected before trends move start in true earnest.

We have kept the system absolutely free since November till March 2019. We wanted clients to make a lot of money and then comfortable to pay us profit share post trial. We have received an overwhelming response to taking the free trial and we have tried our best to meet expectations. The world of investing is a difficult one to manage and very few survive this long. We are among those who have a long history of trades.

We are still accepting free trial so if you so wish, please register a new MT4 account here. Only accounts opened from this link will be allowed to trade our system: New MT4 account .
Fill in the details correctly and upload all needed verification documents and then once all set, please email us at

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