GOLD Short @ 1330

We suggest a GOLD SHORT at 1330.Target 1298
Stop 1336.

This is a manual trade and not a system trade. The system trades automatically on volatility and all our clients get the trade in their account. This trade is based on our chart analysis. Please take it on your personal accounts separate from the account you are trading our automated trades.

Good probablity trade given how stretched it is and having hit overbought on 4h timeframe.

If you want to trade our automated system, please register a new MT4 account here: New MT4 account
Only new accounts registered from above link (FXCOT needs the mt4 account on the same ONENET as our server to reduce latency to 1 ms) can take our trades. Once registered, please send us the account details and we will get you started

Our returns this year stand at +23.5%. So absolutely glorious returns in a difficult trading environment.

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