Trade Copier February Returns : +8.3% and +1089 pips

The FXCOT system is going strong as it longs and shorts pairs basis present conditions. It is agnostic to the political drama and imaginations of traders. It does not trade on what should happen but it reacts to what is happening.

Yesterday the system went long on EURUSD at 1.1332 and closed at partial levels at 1.1347 and 1.1341. This is characterstics of the system. When it finds movement, it trades the breakout.

The equity curve is steadily rising.

Summary of the trades for Feb

The win rate is at 87% and it has made +1089 pips in February.

Summary Performance

Overall returns can be seen above. The January month made +16% return while Feb has been strong with +8.3%. The last year made over +130% return and we continue in the same way in 2019.

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Once done, please upload all verification documents required by the broker to enable your account. Then fund your account and email us at to inform us you are ready to start.

Earlier performance between 2010 and 2017.

This is without doubt the only system that has been performing right through all of 2016 and 2017 and 2018 and now into 2019. Nothing has shaken its core principles and strategy. The system follows the age old breakout and volatility based rules to trade and hence very successful.


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