Post FOMC, returns for FXCOT hit +9.2% in Feb

Fed minutes were a non event. The system went long EURUSD at 1.1356 and closed at 1.1359. Added some returns. Then GBPUSD went to 1.3101 taking the long stop order at 1.3101 and closed at trailing stop at 1.3105 as prices moved higher. Scalps are always buystop or sellstop orders which means trades are in direction of the initial move. Scalps are never taken against the price moves.

Long EURUSD Trade

Long GBPUSD Trade

They were both scalp trades as prices spikes helped to get in fast and get out fast. That is needed for scalp trades.

No other trades were taken as no breakout or major volatility was observed.


The feb returns now reflect +9.2% as a result of the long eurusd trade yesterday. When there is a larger move in prices, the system will make a breakout trade and let it climb for hundred of pips. Until then, it will take scalps and add returns.

As you know by now the system is a pure bred price action based on breakout and volatility.

You can start running the system for yourself by opening a new MT4 account from this link. New MT4 account

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