FXCOT Feb returns +12.2%: Short GOLD scalp at 1323 htis targets

GOLD is being dumped after reaching 1348. The momentum in selling has been strong. The system took a scalp trade at 1323 and closed at on trailing stops.

See the GOLD trade above. The system loaded onto the powerful trend down and took a scalp trade and got in good profits.
Yesterday it a was play on long eurusd and gbpusd but today its aligned with a different trend. So its constantly adjusting to trends and moves available. Its a price action system so it does not take long term views or make imaginary basis trade on were a price should go. It does not force a trade. It takes trade in the direction of a move when important and critical levels are broken.

Currently it has EURUSD and GBPUSD trades lined up for execution.

German GDP

The negative growth seem last quarter seem to have been arrested in the latest numbers above. Things may just be fine and not as bad expected.

Trade Copier
FXCOT runs a hugely successful fx trade copier for clients. The recent results are summarised below.

Equity Curve for 2019

The above graph comes from a client who is using our system in 2019. The returns are rising even in a market which is in limbo with tight ranges. The system makes maximum when there are solid trends but even in tight ranges, it keeps adding returns in small measure via scalping.


The Long term performance

The February returns are at 12.2% because of a nice little short gold scalp trade at 1323 which is shown above on MT4.

The system is completely free for clients who want to trade. You need to open a new MT4 account here.: NEW MT4 account

Fill the form correctly and upload documents for verification. Please ensure you register from the above link only.

Please email us once registered.


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