USDJPY about to breakout

USDJPY has been coiling at 110.45 to 111 for quite some time. What is the level to watch out to decide direction ?

USDJPY has been coiling at 110.95 and we are now a few pips below it. Will this be the golden break which will propel it to 112 ?

Earlier we indicated the GBPUSD level to watch for and it has been triggered on our system. It is being actively managed.
GBPUD trade

There is no way to tell if a pair is going to do a long term break or not. That is why it is best to trade forex with a true PRICE ACTION based BREAKOUT and Volatility system like FXCOT where it is all auto managed with trailing stops. No emotions at play. Pure stat based and risk management based system taking care of position.

If USDJPY does breakout at 110.95 then fxcot will manage it

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