FXCOT Gold trade hits targets

Its been a buzy week for FXCOT system.

Long GBPUSD from 1.2990 has been continuously adding returns. Also long EURUSD and short EURUSD are adding returns.

Today GOLD trade at 1325 hits targets at 1324.8

See the speed with which the trade was taken and then closed.

USDJPY trade

USDJPY trade BREAKOUT hits targets 111.2.

Yesterday USDJPY long at 110.91 hits targets at 111.2
EURUSD upside resistance at 1.1372 holds for now. Above it, the pair could start a new bullish trend.

GBPUSD final frontier.

GBPUSD final frontier is 1.3215. Then its open skies. On the downside, the pair loses bullish momentum below 1.2990.

The 2019 year shows over 34% return added to client capital

The Feb returns are rising with +15.3% added.

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