GBPUSD breaksout above 1.3215 as we said: FXCOT trading system continue rise +1333 pips in Feb

We had made it clear that GBPUSD is on the cusp of a major breakout above 1.3215. Read it here .

For EURUSD critical level was 1.1372 which was broken and now the pair is in a strong uptrend. Currently at 1.1398. Read about our post here.


GBPUSD is pushing higher to 1.3294 and above. The breakout level is 1.3215 and as long as the pair is supported above this level, there is only but air above. The next major resistance is at 1.4


Starting a major move as it clears the 100 DMA at 1.1395

The system has been trading heavily into Feb. The returns are very satisfying for us as a team. Every client has enjoyed a free system making returns every day.

Summary of performance for 2019

The system has made an incredibly +16..34% returns for Feb. The month is a short month and yet it has made over +16%.

Historical Perfomrance

The return history shows that January was +16.4% and February is +16.34%. What a year 2019 has been. Strong trends have just broken out and hence we expect next 6 months to show huge returns. We saw this kind of trading environment back in 2016 when the system made over +300% in that year. See below.

See the last column shown percent returns. 2016 was huge. We see similar trading trends in 2019. The system is already up +35% in 2019.

if you want to start the trial of the system, you need to open a new trading MT4 account (TRUE ECN MT4 only) from this link: New MT4 account

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