Is it possible to make 108% return in two months at a DD of 17% ? myfxbook live client account

Gold break of 1325 has now led it down to 1313.

The fxcot system took the short at 1325 and closed at 1313. Great returns added.

Is it possible for a client to trade fxcot at higher exposure and make even more money? Well, here is a client who is trading at a higher exposure to our system.

Our base system has made about 42% this year. But this client saw the past performance and decided to raise exposure and he has doubled his money in 2 months.

Here is the client myfxbook.

The base system.
The master account has been more sedate but still very good performance compared to anything else. Solid returns all thru. See below.

Enjoy the winnings. We did say three months back that this system is bound to do very well given how well it has done between 2010 and 2018.

If you want to start copying our trades, you need a brand new MT4 account here : NEW MT4 ACCOUNT. Open a TRUE ECN account.

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