EURUSD @ 1.1361 hits targets: March Returns +1.57%

Returns continue to pile up for FXCOT into March. As we have been noting since JANUARY, there are waves of money flow being observed in the forex markets unlike we have seen in the last 18 months. These bode very well for systems like FXCOT.

USDJPY yesterday BREAKOUT trade continues at 111.23 and now current prices at 111.88. What a huge move and how well did FXCOT catch the move. This is why you need a system based approach for trading forex.

The move has added returns to our account and still running strong.

Earlier today we took a Short EURUSD at 1.1361 and closed at 1.1355. Just get in and get out mode. Some of the trades that FXCOT takes are real short term ones. So this was one of them. It takes March returns to 1.38%. Its just the first trading day of March.

These are some of the best trading environment. Over and above that, we have kept the system absolutely free of cost for those who want to give it a try.
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