USDJPY BREAKOUT TRADE @ 111.23 still running

One should never double guess a market. No one knows how far a price can go. That is why treat every breakout with respect and be in its direction. No one knows where price will go.

A case in example is the current BREAKOUT trade still running on the FXCOT system. When the system took this trade at 111.23, we were skeptical because of the overhanging resistance at 111.4 and 111.5. But they mattered nothing to the market as prices pummelled thru these.

See a client testimonial to us :
"We are lucky to have a system as good as the FXCOT one running on our account since december. Just watching it trade helps us to learn. Thanks to Roger and his team. They are very supportive " - Gerald Packer , UK

The USDJPY on the MT4 still running. See those dashed blue lines. They are drawn by MT4 to indicate position open and close.

FXCOT performance has returned high returns in 2019.

To start, you need a MT4 with server in our location servers: You can open one here, NEW MT4 ACCOUNT

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