USDJPY BREAKOUT AT 111.23 closes finally at 112.04. March returns +4.05%

USDJPY BREAKOUT trade that started last week has closed all positions at 112.04. It started at 111.23. Tremendous move.

The monthly returns now at 4.05%.As you know Feb returns were at +21%. The total returns for this year stands at +42%. Great year of trading.

The January returns +16%, Feb +21% and March at +4.05%

The FXCOT trading system works on price action BREAKOUT and SCALPING and TREND trades. Every trade has a clear stop and targets. In case of BREAKOUT trade, the target can stretch for 100's of pips as seen in USDJPY.

If you want to start the system as we begin a new month, please register here: NEW MT4 ACCOUNT

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