USDJPY stopped: March Returns +6%

USDJPY trade at 112.06 was stopped at 111.69. The stop on the trade stood at 111.62 but the system closed it earlier seeing the bearish pressure seen yesterday.

There is the set of trades from earlier this month and also the latest stopped trade. It is a characterstics of the system that it does not work on imaginations on where a trade should go. It acts if stops are hit. It moves stops into trailing profits if a regulated number of profits pips are seen on the trade. The system overall has a profit win rate of +85% so some trades will be stopped after a series of wins.

A naked look at naked chart of USDJPY will suggest there is more upside left and we could revisit 112.2 but the system is emotionless and closes when stops are hit or earlier but never later than the stops.

So some clients who have asking on why the trade was closed when the pair is in uptrend, the answer is that system does not care if its a uptrend or a downtrend. All that matters is if stops are triggered or not. The stops represent the acceptable loss the system will take. It makes money very quickly as seen in Feb so a few stops are to be expected.

Still going super strong as in this year itself, the system is up +50%. It was a sweet period of trading. I had indicated back in January that this system will make a lot of money this year. Last year it made +130%. This year we are up +50% already.

The system now waits as volatility of EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD has quietened down. This is a good time to get in as the first three months of the year will get over. This is a rock solid system with price action based conditions resulting in BREAKOUT and SCALPING. Its kept affordable and free for a limited time so clients can make money.

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