FXCOT quiet mode but notice the levels: March returns stay at +9.03%

As the maze of BREXIT gets complicated, forex markets have been surprisingly well behaved. Spreads have been tight and trades are being executed with perfection.

EURUSD Test of resistance failed ?

EURUSD hit resistance at 1.13 and promptly fell back. Watch those highs today and we could go either ways. Our bias has been bearish since break of 1.14 and we have seen lows of 1.1177. Irrespective of what you see on the chart, the fxcot trading system trades both ways at key pivot levels so as clients it matters nothing to you on which way prices are moving.

GBPUSD large volatility but trends are in place

GBPUSD made bearish long hammer candle. Such formation are often indicative of bearish trend continuation though exceptions have been known.

USDJPY looks solid

USDJPY is building a launch pad at 111.3 just under those resistance at 111.5. We see break above and move to 112.5.

2019 Performance in perspective

The returns have not changed from yesterday but you can notice the performance on base account looks solid. It only trades when conditions suit it.

Equity monthly returns

As you can see the system has made a large amount of returns in 2019. Imagine making 50% in 2 months with negligible dd. And yet this system has done this year after year since 2010 to 2018.

Forex is best traded with automated system based on price action. This is one of those systems.

If you want to start, please open a NEW MT4 and reach out to us.

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