GBPUSD short and USDJPY longs hit target

FXCOT trades at extreme levels of BREAKOUT and PIVOT. We see here two examples of trades taken and both closed in profit quickly before market reversed. This is a hallmark of the system.


The GBPUSD took a tumble to 1.3210. The system took a short at 1.3207 and closed at 1.3205 before prices moved higher again. Very important for the trailing stops to kick in and lock profits which is what it did.


Took a long at 111.85 and closed at 111.87 before it tumbled below. The system made money and got out. If it had continued higher, the system would have moved stops higher and higher and thus locked in more profits. So some time markets are not ready to move higher so its important to manage risk in those situations.

Both the USDJPY and GBPUSD were not big trades. They were scalps which were executed with perfection on our empanneled brokers. Added 0.4% for the day. March returns stay strong at +8.2%. Returns have been steady in this week. Not a block buster week but that is the nature of the system. Some weeks will have big returns and other weeks will be smaller and steady returns. It does not chase currencies nor does it make imaginative trades. Pure price action and risk management. Very safe for big capital.

One of the most remarkable aspects of FXCOT is that it manages a very high win rate at 85% continuously. This is the hallmark of this system since 2010.

This is a high quality long running price action based trading system. It has long history from 2010 so very steady even in volatile times. Does not overtrade and still doubles money e every single year since 2010 till 2018.

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