Short USDJPY pays good returns: Great day of trading as March returns rise to +9.22%

BREXIT is heading to a NO-DEAL. Not only that, there is a real risk of more than 10 countries in EU-27 block to start brexit like procedures to get out of EU. EU block could break apart in the next 24 months. Brexit is just the beginning. World is about to enter into a period of tremendous volatility. Its going to be great for our trading system.

fxcot breakout trade in usdjpy

USDJPY Short has been running well. It may seem that the support at 111.4 is strong and hence no need to trade short. But price action demands that we treat all breakouts equally and not question a price move. So the system went short as soon as

Additionally some other trades taken like the short GBPUSD at 1.3205 closed at 1.3202. They were SCALP trades and hence closed quickly. Performance rose yesterday on the back of these trades. Things looking good.

We summarize our returns on the back of USDJPY and GBPUSD Short trades which hit their targets.

In 2019, the system has been racing higher. Volatility and trends are great for this system. Every trade has stops and targets in place. All as per trading plan. No large losses and no major holding period. Pure classical price action based automated trading under manual supervision.

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