Long GOLD, Short USDJPY and Long EURUSD triggered on FXCOT: March returns +10.5%

Three new trades triggered

1. LONG EURUSD at 1.1404 closed at 1.1408

2. LOng GOLD at 1310 and still running into strong profits.

3. SHort USDJPY @ 111.15 and running in profits.

4. LONG EURUSD @ 1.1411....running in profits.

USDJPY Trade is shown.

This trade is running and has a open profit of nearly 4%. It will all add to March return of +10%.

This is why FXCOT Is a such a brilliant system. It gets in on big trends when they appear and they add big returns as they are doing now.

The March returns cross above +10% mark.

The history of trades shown above. See how the short USDJPY at 111.15 is closing in profit at regular intervals.

This is why FXCOT has been the best in the world. It consistently identifies trends and scales into them with stops and targets. NO questions asked and no imaginations. Purely stick to price action.

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