USDJPY Short from 111.16 running…GOLD Longs from 1310 running. March returns roar higher to +12%.

As FED caught everyone by surprise, it again reiterated what we have been saying for over 6 months. Do not trade forex on the basis of what you know from news. Always trade what you see.
Yesterday FED action was one such proof. No one knew except a few insiders that they will excessively dovish. EURUSD popped higher to 1.1440. The FXCOT system went long at 1.1411 and closed longs at 1.1440.

USDJPY trade

But the big mover was USDJPY. It zoomed lower to 111.16 initially. The FXCOT system got active and took the short at 111.16 with stops carefully placed by the system above 111.5 as that is the level from which it fell. Then the pair kept falling to 110.97 then 110.8 and this morning Asia it is below 110.5. THe system was heavily short and hence added more than 3% and still returns are left to be added as trade is open. Partial closures will keep adding returns to the account. As we said before, this is one of the best system in the world when it comes to risk management. The system operates the stops professionally. As prices move, stops move. LOts reduces due to partial closures. No wonder the system made 15 million in profits between 2010 and 2018.

GOLD Trade

The GOLD trade was taken at 1310 and has been on song since that. Currently at 1319. Solid returns again. The system scaled into the volatility breakout. Manually very few could have taken the trade but the system is unemotional and that is what helps this system.

Solid trading by FXCOT on a eventful day of trading. COT positions show the hedgefunds are overweight dollar but yesterday move would have cut across the board. However as we always preach, trade what you see and not what you want to see.

Long eurusd, Short USDJPY and Long GOLD all add the returns in March. There is a open return of +3% yet to be closed. Will be done soon once system sees retracement.

Monthly returns

March returns +12.2%. These are brilliant trades given the uncertainity in the trading world and also lack of big trends.

Pair wise

The pair wise analysis show that the system is equally good across EURUSD,GBPUSD, GOLD, USDJPY. It depends on the condition of trading prevalent in each pair.

The above results are only for the last 3 months. However the system has rich history of trading since 2010 on FIX-API and bank channels. THe returns show that the system has doubled money every single year since 2010. It has taken a 20,000 account and converted into 15 million. Basically made the client a millionaire.

We have kept the base system free for clients to trial and see for themselves. Many many have trialled and enjoyed the returns since January.

If you want to start trading this system, you need 1ms latency MT4 which can be had from here: NEW MT4 TRUE ECN ACCOUNT

Once done, please email us at or contact us

Its the best in the business so dont let the opportunity sink.

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