New Trades TRIGGERED in EURUSD as March Returns Climb higher +16%.

FXCOT judges price action in EURUSD and is now in a BREAKOUT EURUSD SHORT TRADE at 1.1336. See below.


THE BREAKOUT trade was triggered at 1.1336 and now it could lead down for 100s of pips. The first partial closure done at 1.1304.

SCALPING EURUSD at 1.1336 : Closed in good profits

FXCOT has two system running at same time. A breakout and scalping system. The breakout level was triggered at 1.1336 and trade is active in profits. But at the same level, there was a SCALPING trade at 1.1336 which was closed in profit in trailing stops at 1.1330 adding more than +0.5% return

See the climbing equity i March. It had paused at the start of the month as volatility had died down but now again rising at a fast clip. This year will be over +300% return as we had predicted at the beginning of the year. Get in and enjoy these awesome trades and returns.

See the trade in EURUSD SHORT TAKEN at 1.1336 and closed at 1.1330 as prices flowed down on weak PMI. This is the scalp trade. There is currently a breakout trade at 1.1336 active and this can run for 100's pips. All clients on FXCOT will have this trade with them.

The summary shows that March returns +17.5%. Massive and is a function of higher volatility in the markets.

Monthly returns show the fast return added in March. Juyst last week it was +9% and now touching +17%. Just shows what a tremendous week this has been.

All trades can be copied to your account. Please open a new TRUE ECN MT4 account and contact us

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