Two trades in execution: EURUSD Short, USDJPY Short

We have no idea why fxcot went short EURUSD at 1.1336. It is only later when we read the news about contracting PMI that we understood the reason for the fall. The system reacts to large bursts of volatility and trades automatically. Stops are moving in relation to price. Targets are fixed and partial closures happen as prices move into profit.

EURUSD short at 1.1336 is still running with two partial closures at 1.1310 and 1.1300. SO solid returns added. Trade is still running with breakeven stops.

USDJPY Short triggered at 110.3. We have no idea why has USDJPY has fallen. But we do not question the power of this system. The trade has already moved into profit with stops at breakeven.

The trades can be tracked at your respective MT4 accounts.

The fxcot system has added +18.2% in March.

See the returns here:

THe march returns +18,2%. Still open trades in profit. Tremendous trading by the system.

You can start trading fxcot by opening a new MT4 TRUE ECN account .

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