EURUSD trade closes at 1.1296: March returns +20.5% , +2741 pips

We had flagged the EURUSD trade to be executed at 1.1336 in our early post to our clients. Approaching trades

The EURUSD trade has now fully closed at NY close. All trades closed. Here is the trade execution shown.

The initial move in EURUSD from 1.1378 triggered the system sell stop limit orders at 1.1336 and then the system tracked the move down to 1.1278 with three separate partial closures. The trade was fully closed as session close approached. The trade execution is shown above

Myfxbook Equity

The monthly returns for March rose +20.5% as seen above. This is a brilliant month of trading. In January the system made +16%, In feb it made +21% and now in March it is near +20.5% return. The system has been active since 2010 and every year it has made over 100%.


All pairs are heavily profitable with this system.

The monthly performance tracker is updated. If 2018 made +130%, then 2019 as a year is already up 58%.

If you want to read about the trading strategy, please read here: Trading Strategy

If you want to start an account to run the system, please open a new account here: NEW TRUE ECN MT4 ACCOUNT.

For clients who wish to use the FIX-API channel to trade our signals, please email us. We are the only signal providers to provide such a world class system both on Direct Market Access and on the popular MT4 at the same time.

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