EURUSD and GBPUSD tight ranges to break soon: FXCOT March @ +2872 pips 21% returns

As the inevitable BREXIT draws to a close on 12 April, we will see increasing downward pressure on EURUSD and GBPUSD. Markets have still not priced in major risk events into GBPUSD as they are hopeful that the parliament logjam will result in brexit being annulled. That is a remote possibility given BREXIT was one of a kind direct people voting over and above the parliament voting. So BREXIT will hold higher precedence to any parliament decisions and indicative votes.

Onto Charts then:

EURUSD Final support

Steady fall in EURUSD since last April. But major breakdowns have been punctured with sharp rallies. Prices at 1.311. Could rally to 1.1350 but that is a good sell area for move to 1.1120.

GBPUSD Target lower levels

GBPUSD has support at 1.3170 via the 100 hour MA. But it could be negligible given the enormity of the situation.

USDJPY No direction

USDJPY break at 111.4 was expected as prices have not paused since the rally from 106. Minor rallies to 111 is to be expected.

FXCOT Trade copier performance

The monthly performance is shown above. The March returns are at 21%. These come affter Feb being at 21.8% and Jan being at +16%. These are extraordinary returns in a market crunched for clear direction.

The pairwise show that EURUSD is the most actively traded. All equally profitable which is sign of a great system.

The historical performance since 2018 is shown above. The 2018 saw over +130% returns which is more than doubling the money.

The trading system is doing very well as can be seen. This system is active since 2010 and has made tremendous wealth for clients on FIX-API channels. Last year performance is over +130% as shown above.

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