Approaching Trades USDJPY

We highlight the new trade coming up in USDJPY.

USDJPY has been building up some steam for an assault on 110.8 and then 111. We had flagged the uptrend in USDJPY at 110 in our posts to clients. The system will be triggering trades at 110.69. The trade is waiting on your respective MT4 as well.

Earlier, we had the short EURUSD hit targets. : Short EURUSD hits targets

FXCOT Monthly

March has a record month of returns as the system makes +21.28% return. Last month was +21.28%.

The equity performance has been brilliant in 2019. Last year we made 130%. This year we will be go over and above.

The trading system is doing very well as can be seen. This system is active since 2010 and has made tremendous wealth for clients on FIX-API channels. Last year performance is over +130% as shown above.

If you want to start trading, please open a new mt4 account and you can start right away.

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