FXCOT trading system rips higher with GBPUSD shorts and GOLD shorts and EURUSD SHorts hitting targets

Today has been very active for the fxcot system.As dollar breaks out, the system has been piling on the SCALPING and BREAKOUT Trades .

See GOLD Shorts
See EURUSD Shorts
See GBPUSD Shorts.
See USDJPY Longs

See the trades today. Its been climbing into GOLD shorts. As it is a price action based system, it waits for trends to begin.


March returns are hitting +27.79%,More left to come.

2019 returns hit +80%. Incredibly robust in the midst of tremendous uncertainty. This is one of the best system in the world.

If you want to start, do not delay as this system can catch large trends and also scalp at same time. Start adding these returns to your account.

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