GOLD Trade from 1315: March Returns brilliant at +24.59%

Yesterday we had recommended the SHORT GOLD manual trade for clients.

It is time to update the analysis.

As indicated, GOLD once it broke 1317 has continued its downward journey.

Gold long term charts indicate the severe downward pressures piling up.

The H4 on Gold is now being cleared out at 1309 and next support lies at 1303 and below that 1299.  Gold after breaking the support at 1313 yesterday was hitting against the broken support. Great location to take a second short at 1311 for a move down to 1303

Dollar Index

Dollar index is in a strong uptrend and once clears 97 on closure basis will see continuous upward build up. Tmrw is quarterly expiry.


EURUSD has no bright spots. The pair is now in the grip of a powerful bearish buildup. 1.1260 is a good place to go short.

FXCOT Trade copier performance

The performance of fxcot has been stellar into March as returns stand at +21.28% just in month. Currently number of trades are expected in EURUSD at 1.1228 and GBPUSD and GOLD and USDJPY at 110.70.

FXCOT Trading system is doing very well. This system is active since 2010 and has made tremendous wealth for clients on FIX-API channels. Last year performance is over +130% as shown above.

If you want to start trading, please open a new mt4 account and you can start right away.

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