Massive Trading Day: +10% return added; March returns +31%, +4875 PIPS

One of the most profitable trading days of the year. It added 10% return as GBPUSD fell thur 1.3159 and EURUSD fell thru 1.1250 and finally the big one GOLD fell thru 1303. All these trades were taken by the trading system. in fact even before the gold trade was taken we had already indicated that GOLD is set to fall deep in our daily posts to clients.

Today trades

GBPUSD updated analysis


A very detailed note on GOLD was rotated earlier this week to trade copier clients. THe price was at 1318 then. WE HAD CLEARLY STATED THAT ONCE GOLD BREAKS 1313 AND CONFIRMED BY BREAK OF 1303, WE WILL PUSH INTO 1288 IN A QUICK TIME. THat is precisely what happened. Now we are updating prices will fall to 1265 but after brief pause.

The overall returns have touched +95% in 2019. One of the most profitable years since 2010.


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