Dollar push higher but USDJPY stopped out: March returns +37.5%

Bloomberg reported in Nov 2018 that trading is unrelentingly moving to automated trading. While it was quite famous across equities, it has now made its presence felt in forex and bond markets. Our system operates in the world of forex. Its one of the longest standing trading system running in the world. It made over 15.75 million from a mere 20,000 in 2010. The full history of trades are available from our FIX-API channel.

Now it is running for clients on MT4 since dec 2018. The performance is visible below. The trading strategy is fairly simple but it follows the rules unemotionally. So sometimes there is a cost to pay because trades can be stopped and we can have some negative weeks. Obviously the system now on MT4 is over 3 months old and clients will have realised importance of stops.

Some trades taken yesterday are shown on your MT4.


GOLD trades are shown in MT4 above. This is how it was taken.Every trade has stops.


USDJPY stopped trade. Went long at 110.78 and then closed at 110.73.

There were other trades like EURUSD, GBPUSD which are all in your trade history.

One big trend is what it takes the system to roar higher in returns. Until then it keeps making small winners.

Trading Performance

The returns have been climbing into March but this week exploded higher. This is on the back of the powerful downtrend in GOLD. We had warned that the system will make huge amount of money. It is the best PRICE ACTION based trading system in the world.

What triggered the sudden surge in returns?

See the returns yesterday. They were based on USDJPY and GBPUSD and GOLD. This will always happen. One of the four pairs will always be trending for the system to make money.


The March returns have risen to the highest in last 3 months. It is important that you always remain connected to the base system because we can never judge on when a pair may starts to trend. That is why automated trading is best solution to trading.


Pairs traded include EURUSD,GBPUSD, USDJPY, GOLD. All four has one thing in common. They trade with win rate of 85%.

Returns in 2018 and 2019 combined

The MT4 statement available if clients need to check. The 2018 made +130% return which is more than doubling the client capital. The 2019 has seen more than +75% return already in the first quarter. The price action and existing trends often define the depth of returns. These are awesome returns and the trends have ignited. In the coming weeks returns will climb even further.

How to Join ?
If you want to start trading, please open a new mt4 account and you can start right away. This MT4 will have a latency of 1 ms to our servers and you will get same results as above.

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