FXCOT Trading system starts to rise in April: March Returns +38% and Feb returns +21%

FXCOT system has already started trading for the new months with returns added. A brand new BREAKOUT trade is running. Its not reflected below.

There was a SHORT EURUSD at 1.1211 which hit targets and there was a Long GBPUSD @ 1.3132 hits targets.

Returns continue as and when conditions for BREAKOUT or SCALPING are satisfied. The system has made over +97% returns in last 4 months of brilliant trading. It has effectively doubled money since January 2019. No trading system can boast of such returns at such low DD and risk. The system was free till 31st march which means the whole return was profit for clients.

THere is nothing that is remotely as good as the algorithm that drives returns at fxcot.

If you want to start trading, please open a NEW MT4 ACCOUNT (Choose TRUE ECN)

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