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    Short GBPUSD hits targets

    FXCOT took a trade at 1.2700 and closed at 1.2694.

    The trade copier is active as it copies these trades on to clients with precision. The system is working on brokers who can ensure good execution like our broker.

    If you want to give the trade copier ...

    Classic scalp trade on EURUSD at 1.1433 hits target

    FXCOT starts to build its returns in december. It takes a scalp trade at 1.1433 and closes at 1.14375. Thus not exposing itself much. Getting in and out.

    FXCOT BREAKOUT ALGO GETS ACTIVE: Shorts USDJPY at 112.58 target 112.28

    For a few days, the FXCOT SCALPING ALGORITHM was extremely active. We saw an example of it when USDJPY was shorted and profit was taken in a few pips. USDJPY SCALPING LIVE Example

    However yesterday the system got active with the BREAKOUT system as it shorted USDJPY 112.58 with a target at 110.93. But prices ...

    Trade Copier Trade: Short USDJPY @ 112.69 target hit

    Overall returns at 21%.

    This is one of the best trading system in the world due to the usage of multple trading systems in one systems. So it work well ...

    Trade copier today: Classy +1.05% already added in December

    FXCOT has been adding returns early on in december. There is no need of manual gambling and guess work when fxcot trade copier is active. Whichever way the market turns, it will adjust and scale those trends. When trends are absent, the system is still active in scalping pips as it has been doing today. ...

    Trade Copier returns cross +20%

    The returns have crossed 20% as seen above.

    The latest trade was USDJPY as it made 6 pips for us.

    The myfxbook shows the returns moving higher

    The USDJPY trade ...

    FXCOT returns rise +19.33% November

    A single scalp trade taken by SCALPING system of FXCOT. The trade was taken on GBPUSD. It went short at 1.12756 and closed at 1.12749. All in a matter of minutes and added ++0.55% to client accounts.

    The system ...

    Trade Copier adds +1.18%: EURUSD, USDJPY scalps hit targets

    SCALPER system has been super active yesterday. Two USDJPY scalps and one EURUSD scalps hits targets and added 1.18% to overall returns of the trade copier.

    See above all three trades which hit target in quick time. The scalping system is brilliant as it keeps adding ...

    EURUSD short @ 1.12719 hits target

    FXCOT trading system has a system inside which scalps. The Scalping part of the trading system took a short EURUSD at 1.12719 and closed at 1.12703 and hence not exposed to market. Got in and out quickly.

    Here above ...

    FXCOT trade copier today

    Today it took a short GBPUSD at 1.2796 and closed at 1.2780. That is a scalp trade and taken on clients accounts.

    It added 1.2% return.

    FXCOT has four systems working together:
    4. ...