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Yield curve suggests that US Recession is near: Trading Setups

Investors think recession risk is quite high. This, though, raises another question: Since investors have access to the same news and data as the Fed, how can they know the economy better than the Fed? Economist Jesse Edgerton of J.P. Morgan has found that economic data has a better record of predicting recession than the ...

Why this level matters for EURUSD ?

EURUSD has been fluctuating between 1.14 and 1.1470. However they are not the most important levels for the pair.

The level indicated below will decide its future course for over 1500 pips. Once that level gives way, we see the pair will set on its journey breaking months of gridlock.

Our premium charts and analysis ...

Trades suggested now : Excellent opportunity in Gold

FXCOT offers manual researc based trades which clients are able to take on their own terminal. The automated system operates on EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY. However our reasearch team scans the entire universe of forex pairs. When trading opportunities are found, we send them across to our clients.

We currently see an excellent risk reward trade ...

Important trade levels approaching:EURUSD, USDJPY , GBPUSD

The FXCOT system has indicated the following trade levels which are approaching on

Clients beware that the system will trigger trades on EURUSD. Both breakout and scalping levels are indicated. Only the trade copier clients will be able to view the trade setups below.


The scalping trade on USDJPY gave 2 pips. The system scalps small winners as it waits for the big winners.

On 3 January, there was a big winner as the system automatically made +90 pips when USDPY fell to 106.8. It was covered here: USDJPY trend ...

High Reward Trades- US Wages annual growth best in a decade : Peak economy

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Economy Updates

U. S. employers added jobs at a strong pace in December. Wages posted their biggest full-year gain in a decade. This is against the backdrop of a falling stock markets weighed down by Tariffs and political tensions. However, stock prices rose on the economic news, with the Dow Jones Industrial ...

Some high reward trades

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The week has started and will be expected to be a buzy week of trading. The FXCOT trading system has doone a tremendous job in 2018 returning nearly 140% return in the space of 12 months. The fxcot system has been highly profitable over the years.

Global Economy has tipped over: The surging dollar and the rallying yen

We had noted of the coming storm in equity markets worldwide in our research to clients. A part of that research can be found herE: The coming storm . Also here: We did say. We also had noted of the fall in USDJPY rom 113 to 110 levels. But the pair fell even ...

We had said “The storm is coming”

This is a followup to our earlier post this week: The storm is coming

The SPX is down over 1.5%.

VIX Has broken above 25 levels. The fear index is showing quite bit more of risk aversion ...

The coming storm

The Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped more than 500 points Monday as investors looked ahead to this week’s Federal Reserve meeting amid mounting signs of slowing economic growth around the world. Major indexes opened modestly lower and began a steady descent around midday. All 30 stocks in the Dow industrials and all 11 sectors in ...

EURUSD trade at 1.1260

The only thing certain about forex markets is that no one knows where price is headed. Everyone who says he knows something is bluffing. Markets are as uncertain as they have ever been. Given prices could go either way, the best thing to do is let a powerful trading system based on breakout and volatility, ...

Dollar Long Trades add to Fxcot returns: February returns +7.33%

The system is making steady progress into February as returns have nicely climbed. The system has made a minimum of +7.33%. It is the minimum that clients have made because almost majority of clients are running the system at much higher exposure.

See the myfxbook summary from one of our clients running at 1x.

Dollar surges as predicted: Trade Copier returns for February +6.09%

Some updates on the trade we suggested last week.

USDJPY was suggested long when it broke above 109.5 in our posts. Our system took long at 110.08.

Dxy : Comfortable above 96.8

We suggested that dollar will surge to 98 ...

GOLD BREAKOUT TRADE: FEB returns starts to look good

Yesterday as NY was closing, GOLD prices broke a very important support at 1308.6.The BREAKOUT system got active and took a trade with a stop at 1314. The move is still ongoing but two sets of partial closures are over. More left to be closed if prices move further down. Else remaining will close well ...

Long EURUSD BREAKOUT trade post FOMC: January return +16.69%

The FXCOT automatically took long trades on EURUSD post FOMC. No discussion and no imagination and dreaming. Just plain simple trends. Once prices clipped 1.1488, the system took longs and since then has been closing at regular intervals.

The power of the system lies in its ability to do partial closures at pre determined intervals. ...

Stopped EURUSD @ 1.1450

This morning the system took a long buy limit stop order at 1.1450 but was stopped out at 1.1434.

The system has a loss rate of 16% so some trades like this will be stopped.

That brings the January returns to nearly +13.5%. The last one week ...

EURUSD breaks down below 1.1400… SCALPING trade taken

EURUSD broke below 1.14 once again on a friday late. EURO has become very weak into 2019. We suspect a major downmove is shaping up.

EURUSD breaks 1.14 sharply lower. The pair could be heading lower but is hanging on for now. If next week, we ...


GOLD is starting to weaken.

GOLD daily charts show the extent of expected move down. But when there is a general expectation, markets can wait a long time. It is perched near 1285 and a move to 1260 support is expected.

GOLD Trade hits targets

GOLD was short in a VOLATILITY trade.

GOLD Short @ 1294 Hits first target at 1288

Part order left to be closed and stops at breakeven

Earlier today, we had a USDJPY Long trade hit targets. : USDJPY HITS TARGETS

Any one can copy these trades by starting a ...

USDJPY longs hit target @ 119.30

The USDJPY was a good example of a trade at resistance levels. Prices filled and spiked. The SCALPING system got active and trailing stops moved in quickly to protect profits. Prices hit the target at 109.29.

The system is monitoring the markets and will execute as and ...