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    Short GOLD hits targets : March returns +24.59% overall (year 2019) +76%

    We had flagged a GOLD short at 1317. THe system took the trade and closed it in solid profits. Added more than 2% on the trade.

    See the returns.

    Approaching Trades USDJPY

    We highlight the new trade coming up in USDJPY.

    USDJPY has been building up some steam for an assault on 110.8 and then 111. We had flagged the uptrend in USDJPY at 110 in our posts to clients. The system will be triggering trades at 110.69. The ...

    Short EURUSD at 1.1274 hits targets

    Here is the eurusd trade taken which closed in excellent profits adding +0.8%

    As you know the system has been trading in a similar way for many many months. It hunts down these pivot levels and takes trade with stops and targets in place. There is another kind ...

    GBPUSD trades hit target with precision: Gold stopped: March returns cruises higher

    A brand new SCALP trade on GBPUSD hits targets.

    New Trades that are approaching are:

    Over +71% return this year.

    The system ...

    EURUSD and GBPUSD tight ranges to break soon: FXCOT March @ +2872 pips 21% returns

    As the inevitable BREXIT draws to a close on 12 April, we will see increasing downward pressure on EURUSD and GBPUSD. Markets have still not priced in major risk events into GBPUSD as they are hopeful that the parliament logjam will result in brexit being annulled. That is a remote possibility given BREXIT was one ...

    EURUSD trade closes at 1.1296: March returns +20.5% , +2741 pips

    We had flagged the EURUSD trade to be executed at 1.1336 in our early post to our clients. Approaching trades

    The EURUSD trade has now fully closed at NY close. All trades closed. Here is the trade execution shown.

    The initial move in EURUSD from 1.1378 triggered ...

    New Trades TRIGGERED in EURUSD as March Returns Climb higher +16%.

    FXCOT judges price action in EURUSD and is now in a BREAKOUT EURUSD SHORT TRADE at 1.1336. See below.


    THE BREAKOUT trade was triggered at 1.1336 and now it could lead down for 100s of pips. The ...

    All USDJPY and GOLD trades hit final targets: March Returns cruise to +15.5%

    FXCOT just once again proves its worth as a trding system par excellence. Excellence they say is a virtue of years of proven perfection . Fxcot has over 10 year of trading experience. In 2010 it started on a smallish 20,000 account and made it to 15.5 million in 2018.

    Yesterday FED went dovish and ...

    USDJPY Short from 111.16 running…GOLD Longs from 1310 running. March returns roar higher to +12%.

    As FED caught everyone by surprise, it again reiterated what we have been saying for over 6 months. Do not trade forex on the basis of what you know from news. Always trade what you see.
    Yesterday FED action was one such proof. No one knew except a few insiders that they ...

    Long GOLD, Short USDJPY and Long EURUSD triggered on FXCOT: March returns +10.5%

    Three new trades triggered

    1. LONG EURUSD at 1.1404 closed at 1.1408

    2. LOng GOLD at 1310 and still running into strong profits.

    3. SHort USDJPY @ 111.15 and running in profits.

    4. LONG EURUSD @ 1.1411….running in profits.

    USDJPY Trade is shown.

    This trade is running and has a ...