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    EURUSD moves higher on BREXIT deal optimism. FXCOT returns updated

    May and Juncker seem to put up a united front as they met again last night. But there was nothing new except saying things will sort out in the future. There is basically no solution yet and we are staring at a hard brexit 1st April. GBPUSD will possibly hit 1.2 if there is no ...

    EURUSD erases 1.12: FXCOT returns March +9%

    EURUSD drove down 1.1177 on the back of ECB downgrade in GDP projections for EU area and the launch of TLRO which will see ECB at 0% to negative rates for banks to borrow and push EURO supply higher. This however was neutralised by a bad NFP report in the US where 20k jobs were ...

    USDJPY retesting BREAKOUT levels: FXCOT short EURUSD closed at over +110 pips

    FXCOT has been on the money as it took profits on EURUSD shorts. The performance has been brilliant as prices broke down below 1.13. We put the trade here: EURUSD Breakdown. That pulls the performance upto +11% in March. Feb was +21% and January +16%. These are simply amazing returns but the system has ...

    EURUSD BIG BREAKDOWN: EURUSD trades short from 1.1300 March returns cross 10%

    The FXCOT system as usual was waiting for the BREAKOUT opportunity. When it did come, it latched on a made a massive over 5% gain on the trade.

    Many other trades like GBPUSD shorts from 1.3170 and GOLD shorts were all in play today. However USDJPY was ...

    USDJPY stopped: March Returns +6%

    USDJPY trade at 112.06 was stopped at 111.69. The stop on the trade stood at 111.62 but the system closed it earlier seeing the bearish pressure seen yesterday.

    There is the set of trades from earlier this month and also the latest stopped trade. It is ...

    EURUSD short closes in profits: March returns +9%, +718 pips

    Another great month of trading for fxcot. January returns held at 16%, Feb was +21% and March is already +9%. This has been a tremendous year of trading. Already up nearly +50% this year.

    EURUSD digs deeper as fxcot trade is green: MARCH RETURNS +7.5%

    EURUSD TRADE is in deeper green as the returns continue to rise. As you know this was a TREND trade and it going in good profits.

    See the performance.

    Currently a new USDJPY taken as well. We are monitoring the performance of that trade.

    Those ...

    EURUSD trade update as March return continue its upward climb +6.5%

    The EURUSD trade taken yesterda at 1.1318 is active. It already has had partial closure and some part is still remaining.

    As you can see the system is trading continuously and is in the midst of a wave of ...

    EURUSD new trade approaching: Big Level

    New EURUSD trade about to trigger. This one is a big one so watch out.

    EURUSD trade has been sent to your respective MT4. Watch the stops.

    march performance is at +5.05%. Excellent trading conditions. As long as ...

    EURUSD short 1.1346 hits targets 1.1338: March return +5.05%

    This is an update to the earlier post on EURUSD Trigger

    The trade has now closed with a big profit. See here on MT4.

    The trade taken at 1.1346 closed at 1.1338 adding solid returns again.