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    FXCOT February returns +21.8%, March starts +0.8%: USDJPY BREAKOUT Trade @ 111.23


    The GOLD trade was a clear breakdown at 1321.5. The trade was taken but then closed as it retraced. The System does not think if it will fall or rise. If it finds retracement in a BREAKOUT to levels near its entry, then to protect profits, ...

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    Gold break of 1325 has now led it down to 1313.

    The fxcot system took the short at 1325 and closed at 1313. Great returns added.

    Is it possible for a client to trade fxcot at higher exposure and make even more money? Well, here is ...

    EURUSD trade at 1.1402 hits target

    A little while earlier we sent out the post on the EURUSD trigger level. It was taken at 1.1402 and now closed

    EURUSD was a scalp trade at 1.1402 and closed at 1.1411 on trailing stops basis. Solid 1% added.

    The next breakout trade will ...

    GOLD break of 1325 is ominous: FXCOT latched on and Feb returns +18% , +1673

    GOLD break from 1325 cluster is showing signs of a deeper retracement to 1303. The system went short and made money on the trade.

    GOLD broke below 1323 support. This level was indicated by our research to all trade copier clients. The system took the short trade ...

    GBPUSD breaksout above 1.3215 as we said: FXCOT trading system continue rise +1333 pips in Feb

    We had made it clear that GBPUSD is on the cusp of a major breakout above 1.3215. Read it here .

    For EURUSD critical level was 1.1372 which was broken and now the pair is in a strong uptrend. Currently at 1.1398. Read about our post here.

    FXCOT Gold trade hits targets

    Its been a buzy week for FXCOT system.

    Long GBPUSD from 1.2990 has been continuously adding returns. Also long EURUSD and short EURUSD are adding returns.

    Today GOLD trade at 1325 hits targets at 1324.8

    See the speed with which the trade was taken and then closed. ...

    FXCOT: Next trade about to trigger EURUSD levels to watch


    The charts show the resistance at 1.1372. Watch out for those levels to act as resistance but if it goes above substantially, can trigger upward momentum.

    Fxcot will be trading in that area with stops.

    Earlier yesterday we had indicated the GBPUSD longs ...

    FXCOT Performance jumps as GBPUSD roars above 1.31

    We have been suggesting for some time that at some point this year, trends will be coming back very sharply. When that happens, the system will perform even better than what it was doing before.

    Yesterday two things happened:
    – USDJPY broke 111
    – GBPUSD ripped 1.31 higher as brexit delays start to get priced in

    USDJPY ...

    GBPUSD at 1.3078 hits targets

    We had issued a trade alert a few minutes back concerning GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY.

    The trade GBPUSD was triggered at 1.3078 and hit target at 1.3081. The holding period was just a few seconds as it was a scalping trade. Little risk, low exposure.

    This pulls the ...


    Brand new trades are coming up in EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.

    See the pending orders at:

    EURUSD order waiting at 1.11365

    GBPUSD order waiting at 1.13078

    USDJPY order waiting at 110.45.

    See the waiting orders on client MT4.

    The system has been in a profitable mode in 2019 as ...