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    FXCOT system : February returns +12.85% +1201 pips

    A regular performance for the FXCOT trading system. Its been nice slow grind for the system in February. There has been some slippage in some trades esp some late NY trades. But our broker has been fairly good and kept execution nearly perfect.

    Here is the performance

    GBPUSD hits target: Short @ 1.3013 hits target , Feb returns +12.5%,+1202 pips

    Earlier today, we indicated that the system was approaching a key level on GBPUSD which is at 1.3013. The system was correct. It took the trade and closed in profit almost immediately. No risk and no exposure.

    The returns look good for feb and is climbing as trading gets underway for the year.

    USDJPY about to breakout

    USDJPY has been coiling at 110.45 to 111 for quite some time. What is the level to watch out to decide direction ?

    USDJPY has been coiling at 110.95 and we are now a few pips below it. Will this be the golden break which will propel ...

    GBPUSD trade is approaching

    The GBPUSD price action is falling to 1.3025. Please take note of the levels which are nearing where FXCOT is set to trade.

    Fxcot trades EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD in trend mode and scalping mode.

    The approaching GBPUSD trade is a scalping so watch the speed ...

    FXCOT Feb returns +12.2%: Short GOLD scalp at 1323 htis targets

    GOLD is being dumped after reaching 1348. The momentum in selling has been strong. The system took a scalp trade at 1323 and closed at on trailing stops.

    See the GOLD trade above. The system loaded onto the powerful trend down and took a scalp trade ...

    EURUSD next move: Could 1.15 be possible ?

    The FED minutes showed nothing new. Rates are on pause. Inflation is not a concern. Chances of any more hikes is almost over. The economy is clearly slowing dramatically. Retail sales were the lowest in a decade. Apple sales are slowing. More people are falling back on mortgage payments than ever before. Highest number of ...

    Post FOMC, returns for FXCOT hit +9.2% in Feb

    Fed minutes were a non event. The system went long EURUSD at 1.1356 and closed at 1.1359. Added some returns. Then GBPUSD went to 1.3101 taking the long stop order at 1.3101 and closed at trailing stop at 1.3105 as prices moved higher. Scalps are always buystop or sellstop orders which means trades are in ...

    Trade Copier February Returns : +8.3% and +1089 pips

    The FXCOT system is going strong as it longs and shorts pairs basis present conditions. It is agnostic to the political drama and imaginations of traders. It does not trade on what should happen but it reacts to what is happening.

    Yesterday the system went long on EURUSD at 1.1332 and closed at partial levels at ...

    EURUSD trade at 1.1260

    The only thing certain about forex markets is that no one knows where price is headed. Everyone who says he knows something is bluffing. Markets are as uncertain as they have ever been. Given prices could go either way, the best thing to do is let a powerful trading system based on breakout and volatility, ...

    Dollar Long Trades add to Fxcot returns: February returns +7.33%

    The system is making steady progress into February as returns have nicely climbed. The system has made a minimum of +7.33%. It is the minimum that clients have made because almost majority of clients are running the system at much higher exposure.

    See the myfxbook summary from one of our clients running at 1x.