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      GOLD BREAKOUT SHORT @ 1286.95

      GOLD is starting to weaken.

      GOLD daily charts show the extent of expected move down. But when there is a general expectation, markets can wait a long time. It is perched near 1285 and a move to 1260 support is expected.

      GOLD Trade hits targets

      GOLD was short in a VOLATILITY trade.

      GOLD Short @ 1294 Hits first target at 1288

      Part order left to be closed and stops at breakeven

      Earlier today, we had a USDJPY Long trade hit targets. : USDJPY HITS TARGETS

      Any one can copy these trades by starting a ...

      USDJPY longs hit target @ 119.30

      The USDJPY was a good example of a trade at resistance levels. Prices filled and spiked. The SCALPING system got active and trailing stops moved in quickly to protect profits. Prices hit the target at 109.29.

      The system is monitoring the markets and will execute as and ...


      USDJPY SCALPING system gets into action as we wait for some big moves. The SCALPING system is continuously adding returns while we wait for the big movers.

      See how the initial stop 108.701 was moved to lock in profits as prices moved in profit at 108.8.

      The ...

      Client myfxbook : Aggressive FXCOT

      One of our client started his account in December. He had done a lot of number crunching on our MT4 statement and decided he wants to increase the exposure on the system to 10x than what we recommend. He was trying to regain a lot of money he lost doing manual trading in 2018. Against ...

      Analysis and Trading Setups

      Even as the trading system is in top form, we suggest some trading setups for our trade copier clients who want to trade on their own in addition.

      The system has made over +12.25% this month. That is 12.25% in one single month and the very first month of 2019.

      Here is the updated results

      Big day in office: Trade Copier makes +2.1% today. Jan returns +12.2%

      What a day it is turning out to be. Earlier today, we went long USDJPY at 108.59 and closed at 108.72. Added 1.5% for the day.

      Now, went short EURUSD @ 1.1451 and closed 1.1447. That takes day return to 2.1%.

      Here is the trade on MT4 charts.

      FXCOT Trade Copier: Long USDJPY at 108.59 hits part target. January Returns +11.1

      USDJPY on daily has some distance to run to 110. We do see 110 on the horizon and being tested.

      USDJPY Hourly

      The hourly panel shows the hammer formation on 2 January. It has put a base for now ...

      USDJPY long at 108.51 hits target. Returns rise for January to +9.5%

      USDJPY jumps as dollar demand is the theme.

      If you are a client, you were warned earlier today that dollar demand will push the dollar index to 95.7 and eurusd to 1.1480. See the post earlier: DOLLAR INDEX TO BOUNCE

      This has been a stellar week as ...


      There was a big spike as GBPUSD moved to 1.2840. The whole spike was done in less than 2 minutes therefore it would be impossible to trade such a spike manually. However, the FXCOT system made the scalp trade at 1.2814 and closed it 1.2821. The stop was 1.2806. All done within a minute.

      Good GDP ...