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    Perfect EURUSD breakout trade. Risk Management closes 25%

    See the 5 min chart. The pair poked at 1.1440 yesterday and fell but today it approached those levels. The prices broke above the resistance and since then has climbed very quickly to 1.1465. FXCOT went long at 1.1441 and still in the trade with part cloure ...

    EURUSD , USDJPY Trades on 18 Dec and 19 Dec. Scalps trades hit targets

    There are many trades that the system is contiuously taking. The system has a high win rate at 82% so you will see a lot of target hits and positive trades just like the below.

    Below are some scalping trades which are closed within the hour. They are fast trades which can only be possible ...

    USDJPY short @ 113.22 target 113.14 hit !

    The trade copier has done well.Not too many trades but the one it took hit targets and added 1.2% to december.

    Excellent trade as this was a fast scalp at 113.22 and hit targets 113.14. Scalping requires super fast connection which is why we insist that we ...

    EURUSD Short @ 1.1352 hits target

    FXCOT has been adding returns for december. It has been a roaring success this month as well.

    These are awesome trading conditions for so dont miss out. Over 8 years of trading history available (MT4 trading history).

    Scalp Trade Long USDJPY @ 113.51 hits targets 113.56

    FXCOT systems has hundreds of scalps trades along with the big BREAKOUT trades. Here is a just closed USDJPY scalp trade.

    Trade copier is adding returns in December after brilliant November where it added 19.5% return in one month. The system has been profitable from 2010 adding 100% ...

    FXCOT superb trading today +1.59% added today: Dec results +2.8%


    This is how it looks on charts.

    Is it a Grid System

    This is a query we often get from clients who want to start.

    Let us assure you that the fxcot system is NOT a GRID OR MARTINGALE system

    Every single trade has a clearly defined stop which is anywhere between 35 pips to 5 pips. As a pair moves into a profit, trailing stops kick in ...

    USDJPY TREND trade hits target: December returns climbing: +1.51%.

    The FXCOT trading system has been active this morning as USDJPY TREND trade hit target. Added +11 pips to the dec tally.

    The TREND system has been active on USDJPY. It took a long at 113.1 and closed at 113.21 right at the top of the asia ...

    myfxbook: USDJPY new trade at 112.91 hits target

    Short GBPUSD hits targets

    FXCOT took a trade at 1.2700 and closed at 1.2694.

    The trade copier is active as it copies these trades on to clients with precision. The system is working on brokers who can ensure good execution like our broker.

    If you want to give the trade copier ...