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      EURUSD long @ 1.1483 closes at 1.1569: Perfect BREAKOUT trade

      EURUSD Breakout Trade on 9 January 2019

      EURUSD broke above pivot level 1.1482. The FXCOT system promptly took the buy stop at 1.14825 with minimal slippage and the trade was going to turn out to be a BIG ...

      EURUSD BREAKS 1.15 : We said to watch for the level yesterday

      We indicated the most important level in eurusd in yesterday premium post to trade copier clients. If you took note, you would sitting on some solid wins. The fxcot trade copier took the long on EURUSD and closed two of those trades at 1.1510 and 1.1538. Stops are now at breakeven and if the ...


      USDJPY breaks down

      In a big move, USDJPY plummeted hundred of pips as the new year began. The reasons are many but primarily attributed to Apple poor results and China – Taiwan tensions. As you know we have been negative USDJPY for some time and the ...

      New Year First Trade Hits target: FXCOT TRADE COPIER

      FXCOT trade copier has begun trading in the new year. Clients should have received the below trade. It has added anywhere between 2% and 5% depending on the exposure clients have to the system ,
      The system took a long at 1.1471 and closed at target of 1.1483 Stop was initially at 1.1457 which later ...

      Long GBPUSD trade hits target 1.2744

      FXCOT has been buzy in December as it continues to trade at every opportunity.

      See the recent trade when a long GBPUSD taken as a scalp trade hit target.

      See the list of trades with their execution shown graphically.

      We are running a extremely profitable trading system ...

      EURUSD scalp long hits targets

      This is the SCALPING part of the FXCOT system at work. SCALPING does not look for big targets. They are quick bucks trades and generally active when the BREAKOUT and TREND systems are silent.

      FXCOT has four systems together:


      When these four systems work together they create amlmost unheard profitability. It is these ...

      Short USDJPY @ 110.81 running well. Four target hit at 110.64,110.5, 110.41 and 110.35

      The USDJPY trade was a breakout trade taken at 110.81 levels earlier today. It turned out to be an absolute beauty as prices flowed down hitting many targets on the way down. It has been a buzy year end for the stock markets and the forex ...

      USDJPY TREND trades hits targets

      December has seen all four systems within fxcot active and trading. The BREAKOUT was active yesterday. Volatility has been more silent. SCALPING system has been very active while today we see the fourth system also getting into trading mode. USDJPY short trade was a trend trade as we know the USDJPY has been on a ...

      Breakout Trade closed in profit

      Earlier today we emailed about the EURUSD trade that was longed at 1.1440. The trade went as high as 1.1480. The fxcot system closed one set at 1.1456 and then one at 1.1477 and remaining at breakeven.

      The BREAKOUT system is the first system inside fxcot four layered trading system. A breakout system takes ...

      Perfect EURUSD breakout trade. Risk Management closes 25%

      See the 5 min chart. The pair poked at 1.1440 yesterday and fell but today it approached those levels. The prices broke above the resistance and since then has climbed very quickly to 1.1465. FXCOT went long at 1.1441 and still in the trade with part cloure ...