FXCOT on Super Fast FIX API

FXcot trading system operates on FIX API protocol. It is also available on MT4 terminal. If you are professional trader, we would like you to know that FIX is the way to go. Banks, professional traders, Institutional traders all work on the FIX protocol because of its high reliability and high quality execution and slippage control. Only small time traders use MT4. These terminals are slow and have pathetic execution. They can slip even on main pairs like eurusd by over 3 to 5 pips during volatile periods. But FIX accounts never slip on prices even during news hours. That is how Bank traders continue to make money. Either one gets the price at the right level or trade is not executed.

FIX protocol is used by many professional traders providing them with real-time communication between client, trader, investment fund or broker and liquidity provider. The API gives traders complete control over data which is sent and received without needing intermediary software like MT4 which can substantially reduce performance due slippage and execution delays.

We are empaneled with one of the largest fix api traders who are providing access to FIX-API DMA access for retail clients.
If you would like to take advantage of the FIX API system as a client of fxcot, then please open a new account here:

What is FIX?
FIX (Also known as Financial Information eXchange) is a protocol that has changed the trading environment immensely. It has proved to be fundamental in making electronic trading easier and more beneficial for professional traders.

FIX has become the default language of global financial markets. It is used by buy and sell-side firms, trading platforms, and regulators to aid in the communication of trade information. The FIX protocol is also a completely free piece of technology that is non-proprietary and is constantly being developed to support new technology, businesses, and regulatory needs. The protocol is used by thousands of firms all around the world and completes millions of transactions daily.

Why Use a FIX API
Incredible Speed
When utilising FIX API, you are getting a high-speed connection directly with trading servers. You don’t have to go through third party programs such as MetaTrader 4. Generally, traders will see latency as low as 1 millisecond.

Flexibility of FIX
A client may choose FIX API over other financial platforms and interfaces because other programs have limited functionality. There are also limitations from existing interfaces such as the need for two or more ticks to fill an order. This creates many problems for traders who are working with high-frequency strategies and need the fastest trades possible.

Designed for Professional Trading systems like FXCOT
Those that are looking for something more over the traditional trading experience will eventually find themselves looking at a FIX driven system. FIX offers the freedom allowing you to make trades the way you want. Traders are not held back by the limitations of conventional programs and trading systems. SUper fast trading system which have win rate and does both scalping and breakout, benefits greatly by using FIX Protocols.

We suggest to all clients to move away from erroneous MT4 execution. However there is a minimum capital to run fxcot on FIX. You need to start with 5k usd minimum and ideally over $10k. Any client who values his capital will want to go with industry best standards which is FIX API.

If you need more information or have enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact at teamcot@fxcot.com