NON-US Clients New Account Registration

All clients who are not in US or can transfer funds outside US can open their accounts here.
New MT4 Account application

or here

(If the form asks for a partner code, then please insert 3012 in the designated place. If no partner code input box is shown, then you can fill the form as usual)

Both these brokers work brilliantly with our systems and have a low latency of 1 ms compared to 200 ms which a normal MT4 has.

If you are trading larger accounts above $50,000, please contact us and we will help you open a FIX-API account which can copy our trades with zero slippages.

Once open, you can copy the FXCOT Trading system to your MT4 opened above. It is bsolutely vital that you open a new MT4 account from the link above. This is because we are able to speed up connection to 2 ms when you start at our broker. Read about it here: SECRET TO HIGH PROFITABILITY

FXCOT only works with world largest brokers with true ECN and deep market depth to ensure slippage free execution. Therefore we only work with the very best in execution and low latency brokers.