Our Empanelled Brokers

We work with certain brokers better because their servers are on the same ONE-NET with us. This gives 1 -4 ms latency and hence superb execution. We want all our clients to be on our brokers so as to closely manage performance.


There are two types of clients we manage:

  • Small clients who trade less than $50k
  • Large clients who trade 50k and to $5 million
  • Clients trading above $50,000
  • Clients who will trade larger than 50,000 should open a FIX-API account and bypass MT4 completely. FIX allows you direct access to liquidity pools. We recommend you sign up for FIX-API account below:
    New FIX - API account

  • Clients trading below $50,000
  • If you trading below $50,000, you can open a normal MT4 account at our empanelled broker here.

You will need a FIX-API account OR a MT4 account at brokers who have 1 ms latency to our servers. We have servers in London LD4 AND NY Equinix. We recommend either of the two above. One of them has UK MT4 server while the other has a NY server. So either will serve for FXCOT.

If you want to know more about FIX-API or MT4 account trading with our trading system beyond what is available on the site, please contact us